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Friday, 27 January 2017

ScartVideo - Experimental Video


ScartVideo: Mechanical modification / electronic impulses / human intuition. Made in real-time and without the aid of a computer: Video-Sculpture. DEDICATED WEBSITE LINK HERE

ScartVideo use low-tech audio and video analogue equipment, specifically designed, to generate material which is presented (and recorded) live. Two films are chosen to recreate new narratives and unexpected fusion – both in terms of pictorial and sensory distortion. The narrative is remade and given back to the viewer in which personalised fictions are re-established. Non-linear story making results without any prerequisite. The convention of prescribed and predetermined filmmaking, in which control is weaved and manipulated from the start to the end. ScartVideo take the films’ origins, playing and re-assembles them simultaneously. The result: To unlock unknown and self-determined narrative, that which occurs literally in real-time.

History: ScartVideo, (formerly ScartTrio (est. 2006)). Founder, Harry Palmer. Guest collaborator, Toby Lloyd (2010-).


On 17th June 2016, ScartVideo performed their new live work called ‘ENCHANTING ALICE’ at the Laing Art Gallery (Newcastle upon Tyne), as part of a series of events connected to the Alice In Wonderland exhibition. (‘A British Library exhibition with additional loans from the Victoria & Albert Museum especially for the Laing, Alice in Wonderland delves into the world of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’).

The work used three cinematic interpretations of Lewis Caroll’s story to create an alternative version of the narrative, performed to a full house.

Thanks to Madeleine Kennedy (Art Exhibitions Officer, Laing Art Gallery) and staff.

You can view the full film here:

More info / artwork

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