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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Contemplation could change your world and the world around….

‘Any art that arrests us, and does not lead us back into life with an opinion about it, is inviting us out and is performing a very important service. What it is giving us is an occasion for contemplation. We’ve lost the capacity, as a culture, for real contemplation. We do not contemplate easily – it feels like we’re not accomplishing anything when we contemplate. Now if we don’t have contemplation in our lives, we’re probably going to be going after it symptomatically – a lot of our spectating is like this.’

Thomas Moore
(taken from an interview with Suzi Gablik in Conversations before the end of time).

Just the ability to stop, relax and contemplate at ease is sadly missing in many people’s lives. What wonders we could create if we did?

-Harry Palmer.

Documentation of a submerging artist, Harry Palmer,
2003-2009 and pending: