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Saturday, 16 January 2016

How will my life be observed in 25 thousand years time?

I'm reviewing a lot of 'my' stuff (in 2016), and I generally have found more 'fiction' to display here on the blog: The landscape of meaning…in the creative pulsations of my creativity and my life - life creativity expressed here in the 'digital cave'. Interestingly, I think its safe to say that the recently discovered cave art in southern France will be around a lot longer than my 'smudges' that are placed here in this virtual world. I have ideas to 'secure the future' and have examined (in my mind and a few physical locations) the ways in which one could exceptionally 'store' long-term (saved and recorded) expressions of ourselves (and why this is also futile and unnecessary….). I conclude that 'stone art' or art expressed in secure hidden locations (caves) and worked on by applying organic materials to make 'art', - is highly likely to sustain communication with our future ancestors. In such a case, they may see art-as-'messages' from 2016 in 25 thousand years time (circa the year 27016). What would they make of a cave painting of Princess Diana for example?

By the way, whilst I am contemplating 'my fiction' and the need to store oneself and be remembered, the tragic fact is in the need to store oneself in the first place! If I can make a point about the comment of storage and 2016, it would be nicely summed up in the most peculiar of western commercial activity: The Madame Tussauds wax museum offers exact replicas of celebrities and 'important' people. Clearly a money spinner for the masses and (hopefully) something that won't be found in a cave in 25 thousand years. What will that tell our ancestors!!!???

Remember how Princess Diana looked like? Safeguarded real life equivalent in wax at Madame Tussauds.