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Friday, 1 August 2008

Very early painting...


Painted text reads

(from right to left):

The making of art (untitled).

The making of art with added water (untitled).

The remaking of art with added water (untitled).

Here in the world of humour....a noncomformist albeit eccentric painting from 1991 by myself! It was one of my very first public art exhibits. I remember one of the art lecturers exclaiming that I was swimming out to an island on my own (I think that meant that I was not concerning myself with the general run of 'art' studies etc..). This has been very much my hallmark before and after this go where the universal impulses take me....if I encourage them etc...I personally like to review the work of the past because I make new connections, new myths and extend and remind myself of elements that have helped shape me....the shaping carries going on and on brothers and sisters!


Mythological Canal Circumnavigation of Smethwick (UK) - 2003.

In 2003, I conducted a mythological canal circumnavigation of Smethwick by narrowboat. A seven day reconnaissance and exhibition tour took place on a specially adapted canal boat. The Sirens booklet, written by myself - the first accounts of mysterious activities, mythological tales upon the pending navigation of the Birmingham Main and Old canal lines - was self published. Here are some pictures from that truely extraordinary adventure. More pictures to follow:

Smethwick Pumping Station

Stories and predictions announced from our narrowboat public platform.

Fellow researchers.

Mythological creators on exhibit.

M5 motorway canal exploration, 2003.

Project commissioned by British Waterways and The Public arts agency.



A term I use to describe the expression of ideas in my personal vernacular, that at times might seem absurd, nonsensical or dislocated (often in association with what is known as derailment (typically, a conversation (or written material) which deviates in direction, at odds with the theme or main topic being discussed. One has derailed!)).