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Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Eccentric City. Issue K/3 - the cockerel that beareth

Well, I've been elsewhere on the internet, on the road and at the typewriter, emerging with the lastest edition of the tabloid newspaper called The Eccentric City Issue k/3 The cockerel that beareth.

This is the third and physical newspaper since it was first publsihed and co-founded by my friend, Mr Si Walker in 2006.

The aims of the paper (which is not funded and remains highly independent and strickly non-profit), is to promote the nuances of creative individual pursuits from around the world, past and present. Articles, news and views, stories, discoveries and strange other 'human' conditions are pooled together over a 12 month period (sometimes longer).

18 months in the making.
40 pages never-before-read-or-seen articles in tabloid hardcopy.

Articles include:

Global eccentric perspectives emerging…
Where else could you read about:
Bob King. The Famous One Legged Acrobat…
UK’s famous contemporary inventor John Ward interviewed…
Crypto-taxidermy and outrageous Darwin mockery aka ‘The Squire’
Sheep disguised as cameras…
A Fatal balloon duel.
£1 Arts Commission scheme documentation.
Durational reading in public places causing concern…
Travelling tips for female solo adventurers and those who want to hitch-hike…
The Birdman of Hawkesley.
Industrial food fit for human consumption…
Audio autography.
Modified toys as musical instruments.
A postman’s diary…
Bus routes that are used as artistic investigation and celebration…
The Eccentric City Auction and Prize Draw.
Tea with the Mayor of Happiness and The Butler of Joy.
Nettle Beer and the truth behind liberation and commoning…”
Website to visit: Website no longer in operation. 
Note: On the website you can freely download previous issues.
Best eccentric wishes!

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