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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Birmingham’s hedgehog crisis.

URGENT - Birmingham’s hedgehog crisis.
NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT FEED HEDGEHOGS MILK! Please feed them meat based catfood and water.

Public speaking campaign to raise awareness concerning the plight of the humble hedgehog.

Join Harry Palmer this Saturday (22nd Nov) near St Martins Church – Bullring, Birmingham (3pm sharp) to hear details surrounding the tragic crisis of the hedgehog in Birmingham.

1 in 3 gardens no longer have an annual visiting hedgehog.

1 in 8 children have never seen a hedgehog.

‘Wildlife sanctuaries are being inundated with starving baby hedgehogs after recent cold weather took its toll on already declining populations. A combination of a mild autumn followed by snow has left juvenile hedgehogs particularly vulnerable, wildlife experts say.It was reported in the Guardian that the public are being urged to report any young animals they see foraging for food during the day. The animals are normally nocturnal.’

This will be followed by Dominik Kai Brotherton who wText Colourill publicly speak about alternative relationships and why they have a lasting impact.